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Ambutax takes care of the transport of diagnostic material from general practices or other medical centers throughout the Netherlands to your laboratory and between laboratories themselves. We do these transports for pathology , medical microbiology and clinical chemistry . We also deliver medicines to patients for hospital pharmacies, we carry out ADR-certified transport, urgent transport, refrigerated transport and we transport light radioactive medical material.

Our services

CSA material

Outsource the logistics surrounding the operating room and rely on our experience in transporting CSA material.


Valuable medicines must be delivered personally in the interest of the customer and the pharmacy. Refrigerated or urgently, we will help you with this.


We have been transporting diagnostic materials on a daily basis for more than 30 years. We know what is going on in your organization and we switch with you flexibly.

express delivery

Are you available within 20 minutes for an urgent shipment? We can arrange that for you. A contracted price with clear agreements. Good urgent logistics are of vital importance.

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